I haven’t blogged much lately because I have been lazy & extremely busy at work.

Some good news, I broke through the 170’s this week & as of yesterday I was 167.4!  Hopefully it isn’t a fluke & I don’t jump back up to the 170’s ever again! I lost 1.5 lbs on Tuesday morning and then another 1.5 on Wednesday morning. This week I have been doing the Skinny Girl Diet. It’s like the ABC diet but better. You have a set calorie amount every day but you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. So the only calories you are really counting are your proteins, dairy & junk. It has been going really great.  I bought a bunch of fresh food on Sunday and have had lean protein & veggies for lunch everyday. I still haven’t really been eating dinner because I haven’t been hungry.  I really think that must be from my anxiety medicine because when I started on it is when I stopped eating dinner. I only got to work on out Monday morning so far this week but Intermediate hooping begins on Saturday so I am pumped for that to begin again!  I have been a little light headed on this diet but I don’t care.

I also got my nose pierced the other night. I just ended up getting a stud, I really like it though and can’t wait until I can put a little ring through it.  This is a pic of the stud close up.

peacock opal

It’s called blue peacock opal.


She didn’t even notice the stud, she thought I just got my hair done.  So I said I got my nose pierced & then she was pissed off about it an disowned me through text message. She said even though it wasn’t my septum (which is what I wanted) the disowning threat still applied because 1 piercing was enough.  I told her I was almost 30 & that I was living my life for me from now on.  I have always held off on being the person I really want to be because of how my family felt.  Mostly my grandfather who I considered my father. When I got my monroe I got a black stud so it looked like beauty mark to please him. Now that he is passed I don’t feel like I have to please anyone but myself & now that my mom hates me it really doesn’t matter.  I love tattoos I love piercings, I love funky punky colored hair. My job doesn’t care so I can do whatever I want & still have a big career.

I made a tattoo appointment for after easter to get my wrists tattooed.  I am going to get a japanese lucky cat on each one to represent my childhood cats that passed away these last couple of years. Then when my 2 current cats pass, or maybe before I will get ones for them on the fronts of my shoulders/chest.  That will really piss her off but it will make me happy!

Anyway because of my mom my anxiety has been through the roof today and I started feeling depressed about it but I am trying to push through because I am happy with it.

About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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4 Responses to Lazy

  1. Undead Ahead says:

    AWWWW… I love it. And we finally have a face to the blog ♥ You know I’m always going to encourage you to get more lol. I totally say get the septum and just push it under.
    You can’t go through life living by other people. You’ll regret so much. I’m glad you’re happy with something you did for yourself though. You deserve it.
    Congrats on making it below 170! You’re doing so well.

  2. Crazy Beautiful says:

    good for you girl! on all of it. although your anxiety is high you seem to be in good spirits. also way to go on the weight…im glad you have found something that works and you are enjoying it. Just B you its the only way to ever b happy. My mom has faught my tattoos and piercings since forever but Its me and that she excepts. Keep on truckin!

  3. Crazy Beautiful says:

    I tagged you in a post on my page…check it out if you would like. thanks for being awesome!

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