My mom (graphic ladies stuff)

I just got a call from my mom.  She was at home because something bad had happened at work.  

My mom in the last couple of years has had a lot of kidney stones, & UTIs. She sees a doctor & gets medicine to help when they flare up but no one can really tell her why this has just started happening.  She also has done some hormone treatments since going through menopause.  The last round of hormone implants she had were done wrong and made her really sick, they also made her bleed erratically. But since it is an implant all you can do is try and counter act it with other drugs or ride it out. Since they had worn off she has been fine until the other day.  

The bleeding started back up and she isn’t on any hormones now so she had a uterine ultrasound to see if something else was wrong.  That was yesterday, well I guess after last night she went to the bathroom and before she could pull her pants up, blood spilled out everywhere.  She said there was a 6in. puddle on the floor! She said she called the emergency room but by then it stopped again.

So then today she wore a big pad to work (she can’t wear tampons anymore), she had a big meeting & was in front of a council with the press behind her. While she was standing up she said she could feel it happening like a faucet.  She stood frozen hoping everything would go fast (they were voting) but knowing she could be stuck there for at least 30min.  She said she was so afraid that blood was running down her legs or that her pants were staining in front of all the cameras.  They voted quickly though and she got out and headed for the bathroom.  She said her pad was soaked through & everything was covered in blood. Thank god she was wearing black pants.  Anyway she is home now & had a DR appointment in an hour anyway so she is just going to go in then. 

She kept asking me if all that was normal if you had a heavy flow period, which I have always had but it has never been that extreme.  That sounded terrifying to me. My mom barely ever had her period growing up, I think her weight played a big part of that so she doesn’t even know what a average period is like.

To me none of what is happening to her is right. Even with the ultra sound I don’t think a woman of her age should be bleeding that much if at all. She is really worried she is going to have to have emergency surgery and I am too. I wish I could be there for her right now but I’m not. 😦 Depending on what is happening I might be making a quick trip to MN this weekend. 😦


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2 Responses to My mom (graphic ladies stuff)

  1. Undead Ahead says:

    That is really scary shit. I hope your mom is okay and gets that sorted.

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