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SO I went out to my co-worker/friends birthday party (let’s call him TF) last night and his best friend always hits on me at these things but then never remembers me.  I have met his best friend at least 6 or 7 times now but every time he is shitfaced drunk and never remembers me when we meet again. Obviously this never makes me feel very good but then he hits on me & follows me around like he loves me every time after we “reconnect”.  

The last time I saw him was at our company holiday party & he kept calling me other names that start with an “A” like mine but never my name.  He was again wasted but I couldn’t tell if he was messing with me intentionally or if he really couldn’t remember my name every 5 minutes after I told him. Then he also invited me to go to Jamaica with him the next week saying he would pay for it.  I politely told him no cuz I had to work and eventually I just went home.  

Well sure enough he was at the party last night and right away came & sat by me but yet again, had no idea who I was. ugh! I told him the story of the xmas party & how we’ve met a lot but he is always so drunk, he apologized a lot & promised to not get wasted last night, which he didn’t & it was good.  We sat & talked most of the night & found out we had a lot in common but I could tell there was another girl at the party he was macking on too (coincidentally she was from MN originally like me also).  Well she finally left which brought all of his attention back to me.  I stayed to the very end of the night & I gave him my phone number at the end of the night & he promised he was going to call me soon to go on a hike or something.

We’ll see, he did text me this morning to confirm he would be calling me soon though so that was nice to wake up to.  He’s really tall too which usually guys are never taller then me, so I kind of like that.  I didn’t feel like a freak last night in my high heels, since they make me a good 2 feet taller then most of the people I know.

This thing of us re-meeting has been going on for 3 years now & I have always enjoyed talking with him & I feel comfortable around him, unlike the guy I dated a few months back that I met online.  I think it’s because I am such good friends with his best friend TF & TF and I have a very brother sister relationship. He has seen me during some of my terrible rages (not sure if I have ever mentioned my rage/anger management problems, but yea they are bad alot) and TF has talked me down from those bad situations. I just hope if something does happen with me & this guy that TF is ok with it, I also hope he doesn’t tell his friend not to date me because I am crazy, I don’t think he would though.  TF knows I have been better lately since I have been taking my anxiety medicine & he knows I am a lot happier now then I was 6 months ago, so I hope that will be enough.

I’m not going to get my hopes up too much but I really hope that something does happen between us because it would be great to date a guy that knows all my friends & understand the work that I do in the industry & what that can mean for a relationship.  He also smokes weed too which is a plus for me since I wouldn’t feel like I’m being judged for being a stoner.  He’s pretty athletic too, he doesn’t have a beefy build or anything but he is a big bike rider & hiker which could be great for my weightloss efforts.  


About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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