Roommate Update

So something happened mid-day yesterday with my roommate that made me hold off on sending the email. Here’s what happened last night.

Alright well when I got home last night she had vacuumed her room & sprayed it with the flea treatment.  I can confirm the vacuuming because I emptied the container as soon as I got home, it was pretty full of litter & dirt, I tried to see any bugs in it but couldn’t. She also set up her TV which I helped her fix the remote when I got home.  This pleased me greatly since I was sleeping on the couch. I set up the flea trap in my room again but didn’t get any hits on it in the morning.  I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there seriously aren’t any fleas in there.  I also gave patina one of the Capstar pills I bought.  They are $42 for 6 flipping pills! But within 30 minutes she started scratching & cleaning herself like crazy so I combed her and there were fleas just falling off of her.  2 fell off her tail when I set her on the counter, then I was combing her out and I kept finding more really easily. I’m not sure how many I pulled off her but it was a lot more then I expected. I don’t know if they were always on her and I just couldn’t find them or what. But they were all clearly dying or were seriously drugged. I set her up on a towel to sleep and when I checked it in the morning there weren’t any dead ones. I also combed her out quick this morning and didn’t find any.  I will probably give her another capstar tonight & see what happens. It can only kill adult ones though so hopefully I can just catch them right after hatching before they lay more eggs. 
The TV thing was another issue I was having with my roommate aside from the flea stuff.  I never get to sit in my living room and enjoy TV or video games.  My roommate couldn’t afford a TV yet so she used the one in the living room all the time and I watched in my room.  My roommate also hogs all the DVR space because she can’t watch stuff when she is cooped up in her room, which pisses me off. On Black Friday I bought a new flatscreen to replace the big old TV in the living room my last roommate left behind.  I nicely gave my roommate the old tv for free.  Well it sat in the living room for 2 months because she didn’t have anywhere to put in her room because after 6 months she still hasn’t really unpacked her boxes (so weird). Finally I told her I waanted it out of the living room or I was going to throw it out.  She finally moved it into her room but never hooked it up, wtf?   I slept on the couch in the living room last night so I could set a trap in my room and that finally made her hook her TV up.   I think I will modify my original letter and still send it just so she knows she still needs to treat her cat & not just the room.
Today has been such a better day for me already just because of this.

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A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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