Lip ring???

So I really want to get my lip pierced I think.  I got these little like clip on gaged hoops to see what it would look like with my thin lips & monroe.  What do you  all think?


lip ring?

I think I would get it a gage smaller then this ring actually is just because my lips are so thin and I don’t want it to scrape on my teeth too much.  I put one in my septum too but it hurt too much to keep in very long.  I’m going to a concert tomorrow night and I might wear the lip one all night to see how it feels for a prolonged time (it will just hurt like a fucker). I wish I could get it done right now but I started thinking about all the dental work I need to have done in the next couple of months and it seems like a bad idea. 😦  So I might have to wait until summer once my teeth are perfect again. Going to the dentist is hard enough for me cuz my mouth is too small for them to work in very long.  They shredded my gums last time I went so I am scared for my next visit & having a new piercing in my mouth would just make it worse.

 I never did do anything for myself on my birthday because I was sick. Think I’ll go get a tattoo on my wrist in the next couple weeks after I pay rent & fix the fucking cat up. I’m going to start sketching my idea this weekend. I always have to pre-design my tattoos and then let the inker redo it so it works for that spot on my body. I’ll post pics when I am done drawing it.

I know I look like a idiot in the picture above but you can kind of tell what I would look like with the lip ring, so let me know if you think it would look good on me. ^_^

About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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3 Responses to Lip ring???

  1. kyrie says:

    the lip ring would look nice 🙂

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