Here comes a big rant!

I am so frustrated & fed up with my roommate right now, I honestly don’t want to kick her out but if she doesn’t make some changes we’re are going to have a big problem.  I think that I have kept pretty calm and cool with this flea problem & my roommates involvement up until this point. Her cat is the one that goes outside every day, my kitten doesn’t go out at all yet she is the one inflicted with the flea torture.  Both of our cats are supposedly frontlined (monthly flea medicine) but for some reason my frontline hasn’t worked, clearly. hmmm maybe that’s because my roommate took my cat in the bathroom when she showered the day after her treatment and got her all wet… (no baths for 48 hours before or after application)


Anyway no matter what, the fleas have come in with her cat and transferred to mine and various other places in MY house.  I have lived in this apartment a year and half without her and never had as many bug problems as I have had since she has moved in.  There was cockroach situation right after she moved in too but that was resolved with my hard work once again. 


My beef is that I have told her the situation multiple times now, she acts like she cares or is worried at that moment but then she just goes back to bed or sits back on the couch instead of doing something.  When I spent 3 hours cleaning & vacuuming everything in the main living room I told her she should do the same with her room, especially since her room is the only one with carpet, all the other rooms are hardwood including mine.  I told her she should vacuum her mattress too because they will live in there.  This was on Saturday, she went back to bed after because she has bad periods & sleeps for days when she gets it.  I asked her last night (Tuesday) if she had vacuumed yet, even though I could see the vacuum hadn’t moved.  She replies cheerfully, “No I’m going to do it this weekend.” WTF! That’s 4 days away, like seriously? I replied that is was a waste of time for me to be doing all this cleaning everyday if she can’t even vacuum her room, and asked if she would do it sooner then that.  She said ok and flopped back on the couch for the next 4 hours of the night. 


I have been flea combing my kitten every night & morning and have continually pulled fleas off of her but the numbers have been dwindling, in fact she had none last night but then had some this morning again. 😦   I feel so bad because her skin is getting sore & dry from the combings.  My roommate has done nothing to her cat. You would think she would at least give him a bath just in case, you would also think that she would want to clean her room just in case.  But no she would rather dwell in her filth & spread it all over.  She has some odor problems too which are really starting to gross me out as well.


I think what pissed me off the most this morning was how much money I have already spent on this situation and how she can’t even clean her room for me.  I’m not even asking her to help with costs but now I might after I started thinking about it.


$150 – new vacuum with super suction & pet cleaning attachments

$40 – flea furniture treatment, & cat flea treatment spray

$20 – flea comb, another powder flea treatment

$65 – flea bath & grooming

My sanity – priceless


I was super angry this morning but now I am just exhausted from it all, I have spent every night cleaning something & have been late to work every morning this week because of Patina’s morning treatments.  I am mentally & physically exhausted & she’s just chilling on the couch without a care in the world.  I know I am not the cleanest person in the world which is why I have let a lot of her habits slide, I am notorious for piles of clothing ( I have too many clothes & not enough closet space), which I have been working on.  I have literally probably done 10 loads of laundry in the last 3 days, some things like bedding have been washed multiple times since this started.  I am writing her an email because I am sick of confronting her face to face & having her not care.  I am going to demand as part of the lease agreement that she show proof of flea cleaning her cat & taking him to the vet regularly along with proof that she is flea treating him with real frontline plus from a store. My mom says these aren’t ridiculous requests and if she can’t do it then I have to kick her out.  I hate roommates, I have yet to ever have a good one except for my ex-boyfriends, I wish I could just turn that room into an office for freelance work but I just can’t afford it right now. hfjkgiuenvoeiabefnebhrbfiuerbifneriubgekrgneroigwog!!!!!!!#*@^&#%&!%&#%@&^$&^!


I feel a little better now that I got that out somewhere.  There is a lot more then what I just mentioned but it is just too much to talk about and honestly I am soo sick of talking about it with my mother that I don’t want to talk to anyone else about it.  Not to mention it’s so embarrassing to have a problem like this. Y_Y



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One Response to Here comes a big rant!

  1. Jackie says:

    Roommate problems are the worst! At least when it’s your family you can flip out so they’ll take care of it and everything will be fine afterwards because you are family. You just can’t do that with roommate though. So frustrating!!!!

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