Email to my roommate



I am getting very concerned about the situation at home with the fleas.  In the past week, I have spent considerable time and money trying to prevent a complete infestation in our apartment and I’m feeling like you are not participating at all.  I am not placing any blame on Cookie for how the fleas started, but as a tenant in this apartment you are responsible for addressing issues of health and safety immediately.  Fleas are carriers of several diseases including tapeworms, which Patina is also showing signs of having.


I am doing my part to clear this up, I expect you to do the same. If my cat has them, so does yours.  I spent 3 hours vacuuming the living room/dining room on Saturday after buying a new vacuum.  I vacuumed the floors and all the furniture in the living room and my bedroom.  I have been washing my sheets every day and I am still trying to finish washing my clothes.


Twice I have found blood spatters in the bathroom sink & on the counter after you have taken a shower.  At first I was confused as to what it was from and irritated that you didn’t clean up the sink afterwards.  In doing research, I found that this is from flea dirt, which is actually flea feces that when wet they turn to blood.  So when you take Patina in the bathroom with you, she sits in the sink and leaves that flea dirt which then looks like blood spatters.  You can easily spot flea dirt on an animal by just parting the hair, it literally just looks like dirt but if you get it wet it turns to blood.


In the past week, I have spent the following amounts of money to solve this problem.

Grooming Patina, which included shaving her fur and a flea bath  $ 75

Purchasing a new vacuum to remove the fleas  $150

Flea furniture spray, flea animal spray, flea comb $50

And am going to take her to the Vet to treat her for tapeworm which will probably cost over $100.


I am doing all I can do to curb the reproduction of fleas in the apartment and I now have to insist that you do the following:


·         I have provided you with the vacuum and expect you to thoroughly clean and vacuum your room immediately; not wait until this weekend. You also have to empty the canister out in the trash immediately after finishing.

·         Provide me with information on what brand of flea control you have been using on Cookie and when you last treated him.  If Frontline is not working, we may need to get something stronger from the Vet. (I believe you use Frontline but if it was bought online it could be fake)

·         If the Vet finds that Patina has a tapeworm, I will expect you to also take Cookie to the Vet to be treated for worms.  As an outdoor cat, he should regularly be treated for this anyway.  I can’t get my cat cured unless you also do the same treatments to Cookie.  They will keep passing them back and forth.


I hate to be this harsh, but I have felt that you have made no effort to help out with this situation in the last week and it is crucial that we stop their spread as soon as possible.  I know you did a little cleaning when I was sick & that was great but that was before we even had a flea situation. Waiting days could lead to an infestation that cannot be stopped without drastic measures.  As a last resort, if we cannot eradicate the fleas, we will have to bug bomb the entire apartment and I will expect you to pay half of that cost.   This will also require that we leave the apartment for 24 hours.


We can talk about this tonight when I get home.


Anybody think this is too harsh or extreme on my end?


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3 Responses to Email to my roommate

  1. LaLa says:

    not at all harsh. you are very nice and even back up your statements with facts. also show genuine concern as to why the things need to be done.

  2. Nataly says:

    Nope, not harsh. Fleas are SO hard to get rid of once they establish themselves on pets and in carpets. Save for bombing the entire place, even with all you’re doing, if your flat mate doesn’t do the same, then you are quite right that the fleas will just jump from cat to cat to the carpet. It’s no win. Good luck!

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