Good night Sleepy day

Fuck I am so tired today. I had hoop class last night after work until 10pm, then I ran by the dispensary before I went home. I then just had to watch the season premier of RuPaul’s Drag Race 5 which had me going to sleep at 2am. I went back to bed 3 times this morning before finally dragging myself to the bathroom & getting ready.  I didn’t even really get dressed, I just threw a hoodie on over the tank top I wore to bed last night & put jeans on.  So tired & lazy today I just really can’t seem to pull myself together. I think I’m going to go straight to bed after work, even though I know that won’t happen because of my insomnia but I might as well try. 


Hoop class was fun last night, we learned some really cool optical illusion moves but I really realized I need to use my core more.  I can hoop fine & long but the second I have to think & do something else while hooping I lose focus & the hoop drops. We were practicing moving while hooping last night.  Like walking, running & skipping while still hooping, then they integrated a trick to do while walking & hooping.  I so couldn’t do it at all. This is what I really have to practice, doing more then one thing at a time & using my core muscles more then my hips.  It’s like trying to pat your head & rub your tummy at the same time, seems easy but is so hard to focus on both.


After class I went to my weed dispensary to pick up my sleeping medicine. The last time I came in on a monday I was broker then a joke & was negotiating with the guy that was working.  Like whats the best I can get for $20? That time he gave me a really fat gram & 2 free joints to hold me over till pay day. I thought he was just taking pity on my poor ass but then when I went in last night I noticed their prices had kind of gone up on some of the strains I used to get, so I asked him what the best one was in the $55 range because I wanted to give him a good tip for the last time I was in.  So he says to me, how about I give you this one for $55, it was one of the $65 strains, I said thank you so much I’ll take it. 😀 When I got it home the bottle was overflowing, so I think he hooked it up fat too! I tipped him $6, I usually just do 2 or 3 buck, I have only tipped more then that when I have spent over $100.   Now this guy I have known for a couple of year, well I don’t know him but have been dealing with him at my pharmacies for a few years.  I am almost positive he used to work at the old pharmacy me and my gay buddy used to go to when we first got our prescriptions.  We called him “Ish” because he was kinda cuteish & kinda gayish.  My friend & I would debate on whether he was gay or not, I don’t think he is gay but my friend wishes he was. lol  Anyway on my way home I was feeling pretty good after this and thinking why can’t I find a cuteish stoner guy who is employed. I’m not even asking for well off, if they just have a job that would be nice. Maybe I should ask that guy out next time I see him? I have never done something like that but I’m feeling a bit more bold lately. hmmmm things to ponder I guess.


Anyway after getting dressed this morning I thought I looked quite slim.  No love handles bulging out from my hoodie or spilling over my jeans.  My skinny jeans looked skinny too, sometimes I feel like I am all hips & ass when wear my skinny jeans.  Well that’s all for now, I need to grocery shop this week but I keep putting it off hence putting off my healthy eating habits.  I had leftover pizza for breakfast  so I only brought apple slices for lunch.  Ugh so tired, I gotta go get some coffee



About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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