Bad luck week

Well it has been a pretty shitty week leading up to my birthday and I hope it ends there.  I am trying really hard to resolve all these things but it takes time, and that’s something I don’t have a lot of.  I need to get these bad things off my chest & outta my mind so I can refocus.


01.15.2013 – my mom calls to tell me she got ringworm & she thinks it was my cat.

01.16.2013 – I determine that the mutated scratch on my face is also ringworm, I notify my roommate & she tells me she has it too. Great.  Plan to clean over the long weekend.


gross ringworm face, it looks better then this now.

01.17.2013 – I start treating my ringworm & check my cat for any outbreaks.  She doesn’t have any so the vets won’t treat her but I do find Flea poop. Yay >.< I giver her the monthly Frontline Plus dose she was probably due hoping this helps & the poo is old. Grandma is also assaulted this night (I don’t find out till saturday)

01.18.2013 – I wake up with a sore throat. Water my plants & notice one has little itty bitty flies or gnats, (why & how?!)

01.19.2013 – full blown cold, with all the usual bullshit. Make it to hoop class but sleep a lot till Monday. I also get notified by my aunt about my grandma & speak to her briefly. Cancel all my activities for the weekend as well.

01.20.2013 – sleep, no cleaning is done but roommate cleans up a little.

01.21.2013 – sleep more, run a couple needed errands.  That night Kittens eye ulcer flares and the cone goes on & medicine regime is started.


She’s so cute but soooo gross!

01.22.2013 – I’m petting my kitten when I feel a little ball of something, I pick it out thinking it’s a lint ball stuck in her fur.  No it’s a fucking flea! I flush it down the toilet & check her for more but don’t find any.  After that I didn’t even want to touch her but she’s so sad & lonely with the cone on.  I wanted to lock her in her kennel but didn’t have the heart too, I am sure my room is infested with fleas now or something.  I have hardwood floors so I am worried they are in my furniture or my roommates room’s carpet. Her cat has to be brining them in because I never had them before my kitten & she is indoor only.

01.23.2013 – so I made my kitten an appointment at a local groomer.  On Saturday I am cutting all her hair off so that it is short & shaved & I can see what’s going on in there. Plus she is getting a flea bath to get rid of the poo & any other culprits that might be hiding in there. This will help with the ringworm issue too since it is hard to spot outbreaks on persians. I am just so disgusted by her that I hope I can wait until Saturday without losing it.  

I really hope my grandma’s necklace will bring me some better luck in the next couple of weeks cuz I need it.


Goodluck necklace from Grandma

I don’t know how many other kitten related problems I can deal with right now. I haven’t even been hungry since I was sick this weekend because I think I am so stressed out thinking about these things.  I was also really worried my health insurance was going to drop me because I paid my bill late on accident.  Luckily I did get a new bill from them last night for next month so I don’t think they are, thank god.  Losing my insurance that took me 3 years to get would be the blow that would send me into a severe depression spiral.

I have a lot of shit I need to work on right now, like staying organized & keeping shit clean. I am terrible about having a big pile of clothes in my room since I change outfits several times before getting dressed. The rest of my house is kept pretty clean though, I need to swiffer the furballs more though clearly.




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A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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3 Responses to Bad luck week

  1. That sounds pretty intense. I hope you week improves.

  2. sorryto hear you have a cold! Mines going on it’s 4th week im like is this EVER going to end 😦 horrible start to the year. I’ve never hard ringworm but I don’t think I ever want too! Hope you recover from that fast. Your cat is SO cute though. What kind of cat is he/she? THe ones that have really furry faces with those frowny expressions are adorable. 🙂

    • smashvip says:

      Haha Yea my ringworm is pretty much gone now thankfully but I am pretty sure my kitten still has it. She is a persian and her name is Patina, I just got her shaved down this weekend to help with her current issues. lol I hope we can all get healthy fast!

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