Well it was my birthday today, I’m 29. 😦 Only 1 year left till I am 30 and that is a bit frightening to me. My mom swears I am only 28 but I’m pretty sure I’m 29.

Every year they go faster and faster and it’s harder & harder to get a grasp on things. I don’t particularly like my birthday, never really have.  It’s pretty close after xmas so everyone is too broke to do anything and it is often forgotten. I quit telling people it was my birthday a long time ago & then Facebook came along and now everyone knows it’s your birthday except for the people you’d really like to hear from.  I actually heard from everyone today and was surprised by my mom with a bouquet of flowers at work.


Flowers my momma sent me!

I try not to make plans on my bday because they always fall apart & I end up sad but my mom begged me to do something simple so I tried to get a few people to have a drink after work. Surprise surprise though no one could on such short notice, so I just went home. I got a couple of cards and some nice old necklaces from my grandmother.  I used to love getting money on my birthday from my grandparents but now that none of them are in control of their money anymore all I get are handmedowns or nothing.  I don’t mind handmedowns if they have meaning or value but I hate getting junk that people are just trying to get rid of.  It didn’t happen this year but it did last year and that was disappointing (my dad always pawned junk off on me for my birthday too when he forgot, so it stings even more because of that).  I actually liked the handmedown I got this year.  It’s a tiny little horseshoe with diamonds in it that my grandpa gave my grandma years ago.  I don’t think they are real diamonds but it’s very dainty & cute.  I can use good luck these days too but I feel like it was bad luck giving it to me.

Speaking of my Grandma that gave me the necklace, she was assaulted on Thursday night. She broke her face, literally. Her cheekbone is cracked and she had head trauma that caused swelling on her brain. They had to drain her face by inserting a 5in needle in her eyeball while cutting part of her eyeball muscle out, they had to do it without anesthesia or she would have lost her eye & damaged her brain, my aunt had to watch the whole thing.  They saved her eye but they don’t know how much of her eyesight was saved yet & they still have to fix the rest of her face after they figure that out. The police are trying to catch the woman who did it I guess and they think it was a group of women targeting people at grocery stores.  So f’d up, I really hope she will be ok and recover from this but I have a feeling it will only make her life worse at this point. 

On a lighter note, I did get my hoop this weekend & class on saturday went well, I finally got the moves I was having problems with even though I was sick.  I skipped class last night so I didn’t make myself sick again from over exerting but I will need to practice a lot to make it up.


my custom 40in. 160 psi hoop.



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A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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2 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Undead Ahead says:

    Dude… Happy Birthday and everything but that part about your grandma… WOW! That is so fucked up it. I can’t even believe that! I hope she’s going to be okay. I really do. I don’t know how someone or many people can do that to an elderly person who’s so defenseless. But clearly that’s the reason. Perfect target cause they are defenselessness. I’m so sorry to hear that though.

    And I agree with all the birthday things. Plans falling through, nothing happening even the handmedowns. My dad did the same thing. I was born on Mothers Day so again, everyone has their mothers to buy for and are busy hanging out with them. Same with me though. I’m buying for my mom on my birthday…. *sigh*. This year will be different though.. maybe.


  2. LaLa says:

    Happy Birthday. Welcome to 29…im still not sure about it but well no choice in the matter. Hope your grandma gets better there are some sick people in this world.nice hoop work it girl!

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