Rough night Groggy morning

Just a quick little update.  If you read my post last night you can guess I didn’t make it to the gym.  I ended up taking another pain pill and waiting for it to kick in.  By the time it did and I started to feel better it was too late to go to the gym so I decided to walk around my neighborhood instead.

I live in a nice neighborhood but its very dark & we have woods and trails nearby which make it kind of creepy at night and it was 10pm.  I didn’t think it would be very cold out but I was wrong, it was freezing. And there was crazy winds last night that froze me to the bone.  About 10 minutes into my power walk I lost the feeling in my toes and fingers.  I was trying to read a book on my phone while listening to music but I kept getting spooked by noises and shadows. haha  I gave up on the book so I could walk faster and warm my body up, it helped but once my nose started running I gave up and went back home.  I walked for a half hour which helped me burn 153 calories and that put me back down to my goal calorie count.

I still didn’t feel very good after my walk and tried to fall asleep but I slept weird.  This usually happens if I take a pain pill shortly before bed, they do not help you sleep even though they make you sleepy. Really they just make you have trippy dreams and toss & turn all night.  I woke up really groggy this morning and my phone was playing random music for no reason at all. 

I messed up on my diet by starting on Monday, it was supposed to be started on Sunday so I actually skipped over a day of calories so that the days would line up properly for the rest of the month.  Fridays & Saturdays are suppose to have higher calorie amounts.  

So my calorie amount is 650 today which seems so high to me now.  I got a yummy No Sugar Added vanilla peppermint soy latte this morning which is making me feel more with it and I have my whole days calories planned out.

Tomorrow I am doing the Hoop fire dancing class! I am really excited to do it and my mom said she would pay for it for my birthday.  It’s 2 times a week on Saturdays & Mondays for 6 weeks so that should help me with the exercising because it is a great workout.

About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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2 Responses to Rough night Groggy morning

  1. Jenny says:

    that peppermint latte sounds amazing! was it from starbucks? I get there sugar free vanilla but may need to check out peppermint if they have it. thank you so much for your response to my blog vent on life,career, in laws haha. I was having a moment but it’snot good to hold all that stuff in as im sure you know. What you said was motivational and it’s refreshing to hear from a woman that not all women are expected to reproduce! I feel so frustrated about that topic. Sorry to hear you are on pain pills 😦 Unsure for what but hope you feel better ASAP. Do not worry about skipping over a day before you started your diet. This is honestly why I no longer do diets I just eat healthy. I used to constantly feel like I was on a time clock to get to my goal or start on a certain day that if it didnt happen I felt like crap on the bottom of someones shoe. Unsure a different way to describe it ha but hey I know diets work for some people (or there woudnt be diets) so I wish you the best of luck with yours. Happy to have found your blog! I will def check back soon I am a follower 🙂

    • smashvip says:

      Actually it was from Coffee Bean & Tea leaf but I think they are only on the westcoast, not sure where u are located but Starbucks might have a peppermint NSA too. Thanks for following! 🙂

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