I actually feel kind of skinny today! I know I’m not for real yet but my pants keep falling down even with a belt & I’m not seeing my love handles as much.  I didn’t get to weigh myself this morning because I woke up right when I needed to leave for work & had to run out of the house so I wouldn’t be late.  We were suppose to drink tonight after work but it has turned into a half day so I don’t know if we will do it at 2 in the afternoon or not but if we don’t its good for me and my calories!

I have a lot to get ready tomorrow before I travel but I am hoping maybe I can fit in an hour at the gym, I was itching like a mad woman last night before bed but it seems a little better today. Instead of the gym last night I had to run and get stuff for my kitten to be able to fly with me to MN.  Her fricken carrier for the airplane cost $70 which pissed me off, there is nothing special about it other then being small and approved.  She did like it when I got it home and fell asleep in it at bedtime though so that is good.  She was being a little shit in her carrier with her new toy I got her but she’s so cute too.



Since I took care of her stuff last night that gives me more time on Saturday to do a few things for me.  I think I might go get a mani pedi, hit the gym & then spend the rest of the day packing up.

I don’t know if I will be able to post much after today till I get back in Jan. but I want to wish all my followers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever the fuck you celebrate, Have a Good One!



About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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One Response to Better

  1. Undead Ahead says:

    Are you still alive?? I miss your posts! Come back and tell us how you are and allllllllllllll about your holidays =)
    Till then, I hope all is well.

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