Fuck Bagel Friday!

I wasn’t going to post today, I just didn’t feel like it but yea I need to kill time at work. I went to bed quite happy last night but woke up terribly tired and then when I weighed myself it got worse.  I told myself not to do it but I couldn’t resist, I thought for sure I was going to either read out the same as yesterday or less but not more.  My scale said I gained 5lbs last night! How could that be? I worked out 2 times this week, I know I had hot wings last night but I counted my calories & was still good.  Could it be muscle? I didn’t think I was working out that hard to build muscle but my legs were a little sore this morning from running last night.  I did do more resistance in my running last night and on a incline which would build muscle.  Like I said before I don’t mind muscle but it’s messing with my weight which I don’t like.   I’m not logging that weigh in because I still don’t believe it, plus I looked skinnier this morning! I actually looked really nice in a sweater I don’t usually look that cute in, so I was like WTF?! I took a diet pill this morning out of remorse too.

Then I get into work and they surprise us with a Bagel Friday. I couldn’t resist & was feeling  shitty already so I had an egg bagel with strawberry cream cheese. It was delicious. I have soup for lunch but I think I might try not to eat it. Well see how I feel with this diet pills, I am a little jittery right now & it was giving me stomach cramps a little bit ago.

I feel off today, I don’t know why but I do. I just want to go home & the day just started.  I feel kind of fucked up actually.  I don’t know if its my anxiety meds mixing with this diet pill or the little bit of weed I smoked before work but I feel really doped, like I took a pain killer even though I didn’t. I’m going to veg tonight, do my korean pore care regiment and sleep.

On a lighter note I finally beat the level I was stuck on on my candy phone game so that made me happy last night. 


About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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4 Responses to Fuck Bagel Friday!

  1. ephemeral says:

    it could be muscle. or water weight. maybe from salt intake? sorry its such an off day for you.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hello! I follow xxxxcxixxx and saw she nominated you and me for that inspirational blog award. I thought that was really cool! anyway I am trying to lose weight as well. Ideally around 50 plus pounds. Right now I am in the 190’s . That number is so hard to believe for me because its the highest ive ever been but ive def taken action..started walking…and watching what I Eat! I’m an emotional eater so I eat when i get stressed. How bout you? I can relate to your blog in that my day gets worse often when I get on the scale too. Which is why I weigh myself only at night. Yes, we weigh more at night but hey, at least we know it can’t get any worse!

    • smashvip says:

      I hear ya I was about at 190 when I started this, and it’s just mainly about getting my over eating under control & be healthier. I get sad when I eat but I eat when I am sad too, it’s a horrible cycle to try and break out of. I hope you keep reading my blog and enjoying it. I’m following yours now too!

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