Up Against a Wall of Fat

Well I continue to be stuck at 178lbs, I have been bouncing back and forth between 178 & 180 and I really just want to break through that wall to see the numbers keep going down.  I know my main problem is my partying on the weekends and my candy addiction.  

My friend was over after the holiday party and I showed him my candy bag, his jaw dropped.  He said he was pretty appalled at the amount of candy I had & how much I was consuming.  I then went on to drunkenly talk about my candy diet dream of just eating candy for meals everyday and how I thought I would lose weight that way (Romi & Michelle diet).  He crushed my dream by saying I would probably just be really obese and have a heart attack within a year.  I still think it’s a nice idea though. 

I know I am going to drink again this weekend because I have another holiday party to go to on Saturday & my wine club shipment arrives today.  Once the holidays are over I don’t think I will be partying for a while, at least until my birthday.

I don’t really have a plan this week as for my food and dieting strategy.  I didn’t eat dinner last night because I took a new diet pill after lunch that made me feel kinda weird later.  I don’t think I am going to take it today, maybe I will try it again this weekend when I don’t have to work through it. I’m just trying to keep the calories low, although I had a pretty big breakfast already today. I don’t have a ton of good food at home right now either so I just have to try not do the fast food thing if I can help it. I have soup & ramen and that is about  it and neither are that low cal but I can’t afford to go get food until my roommate pays me for bills this week.

I really want to try and go to the gym tonight, so far I am still only going once a week but now that I don’t have to give some of my time up to a guy I think I can get motivated to go more. I was going to go last night until I started feeling so shitty.  I need to start doing my crunches at bedtime again too.  

Ahhhhh I have to try and keep a routine, it shouldn’t be this hard to do the same thing on a daily basis.  I swear I have ADD or ADHD because I can never stay focused on anything for very long. 

My goal for the week is to break through 178 and get below it somehow.

About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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3 Responses to Up Against a Wall of Fat

  1. ephemeral says:

    I hope you break out of this plateau soon and see some weight loss. candy can be hard to resist. I still have a ton of halloween candy. its getting old now tho so I should throw it out. I tend to binge on it anyways.

  2. Undead Ahead says:

    Is it wrong that I want to see how bad this collection is? I actually have bags and I literally mean BAGS of chocolate and candy that I haven’t ate. I was addicted to claw machines and was really good at it. It was all about the winning of candy not the consuming. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of it all. I’ll have to show you lol

    • smashvip says:

      HOnestly it wasn’t the biggest bag I have had but I had eaten a significant amount before he saw it too. The problem is I buy candy anytime I enter a convenience store or pharmacy. If I go to a candy store it’s all over which I had gone that morning.

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