Mini Miracle Diet Update (my mom)

So my mom went and bought the same drink I was on last week the Hollywood 48hr Miracle Diet and she lost 4.5lbs on her first day! She said she was kind of hungry on it though but we both think it’s because she isn’t drinking enough water.  I’m excited to see if she loses more tomorrow! I think we are both going to try and integrate it into our diet weekly (me) or bi-weekly (her). She lost 7lbs since saturday but said she didn’t really eat at all this weekend.  

My mom is much shorter then me but we weigh about the same, she is just much rounder then me because of her height.  She has tiny toothpick legs and a super round midsection & jumbo boobs, I was not blessed with her cleavage though. I think she is so round because of a botched tummy tuck she had when I was in high school, her shape was never the same after that & her belly has been big ever since too.  When she loses weight though it comes off from her tiny legs instead of her big belly.  The same thing happens to me, I think it’s a female thing maybe. I dunno but I am happy for her.

It’s weird though I’ve kind of been telling her about what I have been doing for weight loss and she isn’t bothered or worried about it at all.  The only thing she says is to be careful about losing my muscle but if I go to the gym & eat some protein that won’t happen.  I have always been relatively strong, I don’t have big muscles but I used to weight lift in high school and I don’t want to become weak, just thin.  I don’t mind a little muscle & toning as long as I don’t start looking like a dude. I’m glad she is supporting me, she has always wanted me to be thin again, just like she wants to be thin again.  I guess we can be long distance diet pals now.

Image Image


Ewwww barf not this                 But yes this is nice perfection



About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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