Hollywood diet update

I am freezing to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously it has to be the drink.  I am cold at work most of the time but never like this.  I am wearing 2 tank tops & a sweatshirt + a fleece blanket wrapped around me and I am still freezing.  I’m fine if I don’t move a whole lot but the second I stand up, I get goosebumps all over my body and start shivering.  It has to be the drink because the cold has gotten worse as the day has gone on.

Otherwise I feel fine! I’m not starving, I pee every half hour but my pants are like falling off right now.  I think the drink mainly just flushes out all your water weight and bloating. Like my pants were tight this morning and now they are falling down.  Usually they stretch out a little as the day goes on but they weren’t freshly washed either so it’s kind of crazy.

The cold is making it really hard for me to concentrate on my work though because I keep burrowing down into my blanket to stay warm.  Tomorrow I am bringing in my space heater I think, at least for a while.


About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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One Response to Hollywood diet update

  1. Undead Ahead says:

    Invest in a hot water bottle! I’m serious! Good to see you’re getting some sort of results as well

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