So I had a lovely dream this morning, I think it was drug induced but it made me happy anyway. In the dream I was just waking up and getting ready for work, so it seemed quite real.  I was getting dress and none of my clothes fit.  When I looked down at my normally large belly, it’s gone and there are hip bones in it’s place.  I am so amazed that I start touching my bones to make sure they are real.  Then I run to the mirror to double check and sure enough I have my perfect thin body staring back at me.  Then I woke up but it felt really good while I was dreaming it.  To just wake up one morning and be the person you wish you were



About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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One Response to Dream

  1. ephemeralana says:

    hope the fast goes well today. I’m never good at fasting. its hard to follow diet plans I think. you are doing pretty good though.

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