Not a total failure

So it felt like a meh day and it was a meh day.  I did fine until I left work for my dentist appointment.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat after it was done so I was planning on eating the rest of my calories before I went.  Well then I really wanted some meat.  I haven’t really been eating any meat except for some chicken in soup or a piece of lunch meat yesterday so I think my body really wanted it more then me.  I got Arby’s, I know that’s horrible but it was by my work and I haven’t had it in ages. I figured I would just get a sandwich but then I was looking at the calories on the menu and got confused & rushed so I just ordered a #1.  Then on the way home I decided I would only eat half of it, well I ate the whole thing. 😦   I was right about not eating tonight though, my mouth is sore & numb from the dentist and I just want to smoke & go to bed but since it got done so early I am going to the gym in an hour and I am going to try and stay as long as my body can.  My goal was 500cal  I had closer to around 800 I think so I am going to try and work off the extra and so that overall it’s closer to 500 for the day.  I can’t call it a failure if I am going to the gym since any day I make it to the gym is a win.

About smashvip

A fat girl who was skinny once, just trying to find her way back to skinny & happy. You gotta look good to survive LA LA land.
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One Response to Not a total failure

  1. ephemeralana says:

    it is great you are going to the gym. it really helps you keep muscle and lose fat.

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